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O3 Liquid Ozone Products


SSS O3 650 mL Spray Bottle
SSS O3 650 mL (22 oz) Spray Bottles. Only works with the O3 Professional Spray & Wipe Cleaning System.

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SSS O3 Filter Cartridges
The Filter Cartridge is the keystone element of the O? systems. It’s what allows the O? Charging Station and High Capacity Unit to create Liquid Ozone. Each filter cartridge produces 650 charges. The Filter Cartridge purifies the oxygen in the air, greatly speeding up the process of creating ozone. The O? Charging Station will only operate with a Filter Cartridge.

Our price: $20.00
SSS O3 High Capacity Cleaning System, 1/cs (Call For Pricing)
SSS O3 High Capacity Cleaning System, 1/cs. The High Capacity Cleaning System for Auto Scrubbers and Carpet Extrators. The High Capacity Unit can be mounted inside custodial walls. Fill your auto scrubbers or carpet extractors and clean large areas easily without having to worry about harsh chemicals or odors. The High Capacity Station Operates with the same filter as the Spray & Wipe and Floor Cleaning Systems.

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SSS O3 Professional Cleaning System Cleaning Caddy
SSS O3 Professional Cleaning System Cleaning Caddy. This convenient caddy holds one O3 Charging Station, one 650 mL Spray Bottle, one Filter Cartridge and a few wipes. Excellent for when you're on the go!

Our price: $24.95