Floor Machines

Stripping Pads

Black Stripping Pad:

Designed to strip off old finishes. 1in thick and coated with silicone carbide for long life. May be washed and reused.
Available in 13" thru 28".

PT2000 High Performance Stripping Pad:

The PT2000 High Performance Stripping Pad is more efficient at stripping the "heat set" burnished floor finish created through high tech polymers then convential stripping pads. Removal can be labor intensive and expensive. The heavier SSS fiber creates more surface for the abrasive mineral grit. The result is maximum cutting power for greater labor savings.
Available in sizes 13" thru 24".

PT Stripping Boot:

Prevent slips. Keep harsh chemicals off your footwear and spot clean corners and other areas. Replacement soles. Kit contains a pair of boots and replaceable soles.
Available in Medium, Large or Extra Large sizes

Scrubbing Pads

Green Scrubbing Pad:

Use this aggressive pad when deep scrubbing and cleaning action is required. Good for 2-4 coats removal.
Available in sizes 13" thru 24".

Blue Cleaning Pad:

This general-purpose cleaning pad is less aggressive than the green for heavy duty cleaning.
Available in sizes 13" thru 24".

Red Buffing Pad:

A versatile pad that cleans when wet and buffs when dry and leaves floors glistening. May be used from 175 RPM to 1500 RPM. Lighter color reduces chance of color transfer.
Available in sizes 11" thru 24".

Polishing, Spray Buffing & Burnishing Pads

White High Luster Pad:

Use when dry polishing at 175-350 RPM, for that high wet look gloss.
Available in sizes 11" thru 24".

Beige Polythermal Pad:

The unique rubberized binder possesses heat-generating characteristics and works especially well with propane powered machines.
Available in sizes 11" thru 24"

UHS Natural Poly Fiber Pad:

A blend of synthetic fibers and natural hair. This pad lasts longer with the added benefit of the lubricating effect of natural hair.
Available in sizes 13" thru 28"

UHS Natural Fiber Coconut Pad:

Coconut fibers produce a pleasant light coconut aroma. This appeals to hospitals, health care facilities, supermarkets and other institutions. Naturally lubricate the floor surface and create a beautiful high-gloss shine. For use with 1000 to 3000 RPM burnisher on soft to medium finishes.

Sand Screens

Sand Screens:

Open mesh screen is heavily coated with silicon carbide abrasive and thermoset resins. They are designed for sanding and "roughing up" wood and concrete in preperation for applying finsh coatings.
Avialable in 60, 80, 100, and 120 grit. Sizes 13" thru 24".

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