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*NEW SSS FIBER-OXY Hydrogen Peroxide Fortified Carpet Cleaner:

SSS Fiber-Oxy is a residue-free carpet cleaner that uses hydrogen peroxide to boost cleaning power and eliminate carpet odors. It is an excellent multi use carpet cleaner. Fiber-Oxy may be used to clean carpets in four ways

SSS Bio-Active PreSpray:

A extra strength prespray formulated with grease cutting detergents, solvents and non-pathogenic enzymes for exceptional cleaning and odor control. Powerful prespray releases and removes even the toughest t: 1) as a low moisture cleaner; 2) as a prespray; 3) as an extraction cleaner; and 4) as a spotter.
Gallons only

racked-in soils. Ideal for high traffic lane cleaning. Pleascent Scent fragrance.
Gallons only

SSS Pretreat Plus:

Ultra-low residue formula combines powerful solvents and detergents to release soils. Designed for use as a prespray in heavily soiled areas or as a spin bonnet cleaner for interim maintenance. Safe on all types of carpet. Pleascent Scent fragrance.
Gallons only

SSS Triple Carpet Cleaner:

Our top selling carpet cleaner.This product sanitizes the carpet by controlling/reducing the growth of odor causing bacteria. It can be used in industrial and institutional areas such as motels, hotel chains, nursing homes and hospitals, This product neutralizes musty odors from smoke, pet accidents, and spills on contact. This product is specially formulated to effectively eliminate offensive odors caused by mold and mildew.
Gallons only

SSS New Concept Cleaner:

Low foam formula rapidly penetrates and emulsifies soils for quick, effective cleaning. Ultra-concentrated and economical: one gallon of New Concept yields 321 ready-to-use gallons. Meets 5th Generation Stain Resistant carpet cleaning requirements. Soil retardant additive enhances stain resistance. Fragrance free.
Gallons only

SSS Automatic Shampoo:

High-sudsing, soap-free, dry foam shampoo penetrates and removes heavy soil. Formulated for use with rotary and foam machines. Can also be used to shampoo upholstery. Hard water tolerant and leaves no sticky residue. Low moisture foam helps speed drying. Soil retardant additive enhances stain resistance. Pleascent Scent fragrance.
Gallons only

SSS Extended Care Cleaner:
Ultra-low residue formula leaves no sticky residue to attract new soil. Cleans quickly and effectively. Soil is converted into a fine powder that can be easily vacuumed. Versatile cleaner ideal for spin bonnet and extraction applications. Soil retardant additive enhances stain resistance. Pleascent Scent fragrance.
Gallons only

SSS Enz-Odorll:
Combines the effectiveness of enzyme-producing non-pathogenic bacteria, odor-encapsulating counteractants, and powerful Pleascent Scent fragrances. Neutralizes and eliminates offensive odors, leaving a pleasant lingering fragrance. Use directly on the odor source or as an additive to your carpet cleaning solution.
Available in Gallons or Quarts

SSS Foam Eliminator :
Convenient ready-to-use formula, just add 2 to 4 oz. Per recovery gallon. Eliminates foam in recovery tanks of extractors, automatic shampooing equipment, wet vacuums, and floor scrubbers. Protects motors from damaging foam build-up.
Gallons only.

SSS Carpet Rinse Plus:
Softens, conditions, and brightens carpet following extraction, bonnet cleaning or shampooing. Use with SSS PreTreat Plus or SSS Bio-Active Prespray for an effective two-step cleaning system. Mild acid formula neutralizes pH to prevent browning. Soil retardant additive enhances stain resistance. Fragrance free.
Gallons only.

SSS Anti-Static Spray:
Convenient RTU spray application for use on carpets and rugs in computer rooms, nursing homes, hospitals, motels, commercial buildings, etc. wherever shocks from static electricity can be annoying or troublesome. Reduces resoiling due to static attraction of dust particles. Not to be used on 5th Generation Stain Resistant carpeting.
Quarts only.

SSS Carpet Protector:
Coats and protects fibers from becoming soiled and stained from daily wear and spills. Carpet will stay cleaner longer and clean easier. Increases vacuum efficiency. Dries quickly and leaves no odor. Convenient, ready-to-use formula.
Gallon only

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